Kinds of posts - Make variations in the post for the success

Are you bored of writing the same kinds of posts again and again? Then be sure that your readers will be three times more bored than you. So what to do now? Let me show you 15 various types of posts which are used by the famous ones and they grabbed the success at last.

1. Write Review of others

These kinds of posts have now become very much popular. When someone wants to buy a kind of product he/she obviously wants to know what people say about it. So, they search on Google with (product name+ review) . If you have a high PageRank and your all pages are well optimized by the search engines, then you will get a very decent amount of Search Traffic.

2. List the idea

If your blog is about business ideas, buying items, travel plannings, information etc. then try to collect and write everything in a list rather in a scattered way. Such as the list I have made in this post.

Example post: 10 Steps To Start Your First Earning Blog

3. Write informative posts

Provide more and more information on your niche. It would be beneficial for Search Engine Rankings. Because they love long and informative post (But don't write more that 1000 words). Another thing. When some one come to your site and get the desired information by reading your blog post, then s/he is likely to bookmark it and subscribe. So, its your benefit.

4. Just link to other posts

It is  a very common phenomenon, that you have nothing to write more in a week. Then its your time to visit other blogs in your niche (maybe started new) which are unable to come in the first page of Google, but informative. You can link to their site and just write why you have linked to them in order to give these kinds of posts more unique look.

Example post (in the blog):  Again I write about the king of the kings (Download links for Kumar Sanu Songs)

5. Write 'How To' Articles

Did you notice a site '' They just made a jump on the net. When you search Google with any keywords starting with 'How to .......', you will notice the results from (also other keywords are included from eHow). Anyway, writing instructional articles can help you to triple your subscribers.

How to article example:  How to get more followers in @Twitter - A success guide for newbies

6.  'This or that' posts

In this world we are always busy to choose one from the two. Right? You will see people are searching Google for 'Facebook vs. Twitter which is better'. Now if you write a post like this, then its your chance to get more Search Traffic as soon as they are optimized. 

Look at an example article I written at here.
From my blog- Kumar Sanu vs. Udit Narayan : Let's have a fight

7. Inspire people

People need inspiration to go on the life journey. Such as a man started blogging for a year, but looking at his tiny profit, he broke down his mind. Now if he reads a inspirational post in your blog with some secrets revealed, then s/he is going to become your loyal reader.

8. Make a mixture with opinions and list

I have already wrote about link posts. They are great because people will go to a site from the link you provided and they will come back to your post again, and will visit another site once again. It increases the chance of your page to be bookmarked. Now its the time to check what they have written in their respective posts and what comments did they receive. Check them explore them and write everything in a neat post with your own idea and opinion added.

9. Write about the Famous

The famous are already popular. While blogging, if you write a post about a huge celebrity in your niche, then his fans is likely to be converted to your traffic! This just worked for my blogs also. I wrote about some of the famous celebrities. And the funny thing is that those posts are more trafficked compared to the Money Making posts ! Look at the category here named as 'Favorite Celebrities.'

10. Celebrate your birthday

Celebrate your and your blog's birthday and post different pictures with cakes and your blog name written in various banners in hard copy. Anyway, the kinds of posts won't work unless you get thousands of page views daily.

11. Give solution to the 'problems'

I remember of that day when I got familiar with these kinds of posts. Such as someone is not getting Adsense Approval but you have got. Then show them the way as I have did in my post here. You can also write about travel, tech or daily life related problems. Solve problems of others, then people will come to solve your financial problem :)

12. Make some research and write a post

You have perhaps seen that I have written some research posts by taking time to visit other sites and visit other services, what they tell and everything just happens. The more you work hard for your blog, the more profit you are likely to receive.

13. Photo posts

Only posting pictures with little writing are also a nice method to keep up blogging when there is limited time to write more. Please try to be very much unique. Then you are going to receive traffic from Google Images. And many people are trying these out very efficiently. Video blogging is also similar to this.

14. Get started with a debate

Let's make a debate with the bloggers in our relevant niche. It can be a fun too. But when someone cross the limit, s/he will find himself in hot water!

15. Interview with the others

Write cool interviews you made with smart people. Write about the nice and funny conversation you made with those people in your life. And also write what good advice you received from famous bloggers or other popular figures.

So these are the cool 15 kinds of posts. Write all these 15 types in your blog to make some variations and give your readers some fun. I would love to look your comments below. And a tweet for this post is highly appreciated.


George said...

You can write more about video posts, those are great way to keep up blogging. Anyway, I like your writing very much. :)

Akbar said...

I want to start blog. But can you tell which one will I take? Blogger or Wordpress? Anyway, how much will I earn?

Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin said...


No one can tell that how much you are going to earn from your blog. It will depend on how many hours you work and how you work. Anyway, to start in a risk free manner and discover the blogging world, Blogger is the best. But for ultimate success Wordpress will be the best solution. Anyway, I still like Blogger. Everything will just depend on your way of using.

With thanks,
Blog Author.

WP Plugins Blog said...

Good list of innovative ideas. Thanks for sharing.

anusha said...

few ideas which you mentioned i didn't even think off..thanks for sharing and mentioning them

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