Where is success? Let's run for it

Success is a butterfly flying in your home garden. Success may take its shape as a bird flying in the sky. Success may be your puppy sleeping beside you. Success perhaps...

I was stated these three sentences to make you understand three different aims. First I said about butterfly which is not so easy to grab or even not impossible. While, the bird is totally a impossoble job to be caught from the sky. Again, may be Allah (God) has fixed success for you in such an easy way which I compare to grabbing a puppy living in your basement!

To gain it, you will need to fix a determination. What you will do, how you are going to make things come out from it. Take Blogging here as an apposite example. Its neither a difficult job, but its nearly impossible. Why? Because you'll need patience, which most people do not have. Keep on writing and promoting. Then one day you will get the result.

After a year, you may say that 'Where is my money? I have worked like ants work in the summer' - Thats the point you have chance to fall down from the rudder.

If I fix about me, then I will say that I haven't reached the corridor of the house where success lives but I have entered the main gate. I am also trying and sharing my each and every experience, new thoughts, ideas and plannings with you.

Hope you like them. Tweet them, share them and help me to knock at the door of success. Then perhaps I will have better experiences and will help you also to have a try like me. Please comment about what kind of feelings you are having after reading the post.

Enjoy Blogging!


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