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Why Advertise In My Blog?

If you advertise in my blog, you will be rewarded with so much facilities, that I'm sure you'll be loving it. 

Its quite natural that you think ''why will I advertise in this medium sized blog while other enormous websites looking hungrily at me? ''

To this question I've thought of some useful points. And I've no doubt that reading the points you'll be here to Advertise with me which will satisfy you and me.

The facilities:

  1. I will provide a large banner like the picture with cheap prices.
  2. I will take monthly just $10 for posting the banner.
  3. Banner will be designed by me. (If you can't).
  4. I guarantee you a minimum of 100 hits to your website/daily.
  5. The payment is so easy to process because I am using
  6. Its absolutely safe to pay by PayPal.
  7. The banners can be upgraded any time.
  8. All-time email support.
  9. All queries will be answered with in a single day.
  10. Though you do not pay me the next month, still your banner will be placed unless another sponsor buys that space!
What more do you want? You need to ask some question. Please feel free to ask below-

Your ads will be placed on the home page sidebar. If you want to place it in other pages or in other places. Just ask me, I will prepare the unit for you as soon as possible.