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You should have already known about my skills of online marketing and development. But to give you a clear cut idea, I am showing everything in neat points below.

1. Hire me for Article Writing

It is often found that new bloggers and website owners have a hard time to write articles on their niche topic. They may know lots of information about it, yet they cannot catch up with their readers and ultimately fail to grab the online success. If you are in that position, you may have searched Google with 'Article Writer'. Visiting the results, I can guarantee that 90% of the providers will be scams. They will be stealing the money. And if they do not steal, they will provide you with copied, spam and junk articles. But with me I can give you full guarantee of uniqe and original content. My this blog is a great proof to that. If you have come to my blog by Google Results, then you should have already known that my blog possess good SEO Ranking because of the proper and relevant content. So, if you want to buy some articles from me, just contact me below. To check the articles are original or not (provided by me) post the articles in your site. And check utilizing the power of Copyscape.com; By buying articles from me you will get
  • Best article in cheap price.
  • Totally relevant (related) with the keywords you provide.
  • 100% original.
  • Overall good page ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Decent number of traffic and audience.
  • Request for direct advertising.
  • Will be provided with atleast one image or video.
I am already busy to write articles to my clients in oDesk.comFreelancer.com and many other clients who do not want to exposr that the best articles are written by me in their blog! So come and hire me.

I am providing articles just for $0.50 per. If you hire me to write hundreds, I will be glad to become your regular employee.

2. Standard web design

I design websites of various types according to the customer's necessity. My maximum cutomers try to hide the info that the Wordpress, Blogger and HTML themes are designed by me because they want to take the credits themselves. But taking permission, visit my one site http://spondonit.com.

I have started a package with (Domain + Hosting + Design (Wordpress) + Topic Choosing + Online Business Plan) just for $100. I think the price is somehow very cheap comparing to these excellent services. I am a little bit free in this week. So, hire me quickly!

To take the services from me, contact me below,