15 Ways To Receive More Comments In Your Blog

It is a very common phenomenon that new bloggers are tired of writing content more and more without a single comment. Today I am writing a post with 15 Techniques which may help you to increase your comment amount to a high extent. But make sure that you apply all the techniques step by step.

1. Make a relation with new visitors: New visitors will obviously have a hard time to understand what you provide and how to get the most from it. You can help the new visitors by a quick chat or something like that in this time. Use this service from Woopra .

2. Reply to each comments you receive: Once you receive a comment from your visitors, reply them even if they do not ask a question. By this another visitor will be interested and subscribe to comments in the blog. This is a good way of getting more comments.
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3. Ask some questions inside the content: In your blog post do not forget to ask one or two questions to your audience. But please do not spam the post with a bunch of questions.

4. Give some value who comment regularly: Keep a widget in your blog with the title 'Top Commentors'. So people will be interested to see their name there with their blog link and photo if possible. Learn from here.

5. Expose yourself: Try to tell about your bad sides in a friendly manner to your blog readers. This is going to increase your comment quantity. If you are lazy, if you look bad, if you failed to do something share it with your readers. Because people are more interested in other's activities!

6. Make the process as easy as ABC! : Here, I mean that make your commenting process a bit easier. In Worpress, the bloggers are having a good time in getting comments. But for blogger users, they must cutomize the systems and make easier. For this go to 'Settings' tab and 'Comments' sections to customize. Check the 'anonymous' button to enable comments from all people.

7. Do not say everything: You do a great research on the post but do not give all the information. Then people won't have any  point to share in the comment box.

8. Disable the register option: When I find somewhere that I will need to register and then comment, then I normally do not comment in that blog. Because I am a bit lazy and do not want to share my information all day long!

9. End with a invitation:  When you finish writing your post, then tell your visitors to comment your audience 'Teach me in the comment box' or something like this.

10. Give your visitors opportunity to edit their comments: Sometimes people make some mistakes in spelling and grammar. If they do not get the right to edit their own comments, then probably you're going to loose some valuable subscribers. For Wordpress users, use the plugin: here.

11.  Reward with name in the post: When some commentors ask you a question very much relevant to your blog topic and you know a lot about it, then you can reward a post for him. And write that 'Dedicated to (name) .' in the intro.

12. Make 'Recent Comments' like I did: I placed a widget in the right sidebar titles as Recent Comments. To see your name there, comment me below! You should place the widget to give some additional value to your readers.

13. Enable 'emoticons': Haven't you seen a smiling face in the comments, yet? When visitors type :), then the the sign automatically turns into a smiling face. When, :(, then it shows that the commentor is sad. These are called emoticons. In most cases, in Wordpress it is automatically enabled. But in blogger you should look for here for a box full of emoticons above the comment.

14. Enable 'DoFollow' tags: Do you know why nowadays people comment like mad? They comment specially in dofollow blogs to increase their Google Page Rank. If you are interested to give something free to your visitors, then enable that system. If you are hearing new about dofollow, then read the article here. To enable it in blogger, go for here.

15. Let users make your blog a discussion forum: You can enable threaded reply system in your blog. So if someone comments your blog something wrong, then let another reader reply and correct him.

These are the systems to get more comments in your blog in a short period of time. If you know some more points, please let me know below.


John Lenon said...

Thank you very much for these ideas. I am having a very hard time to get some comments in my blog. Let's see what happens now.

Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin said...

You are most welcome. I am here always to help you. Contact with me in the contact page.

With thanks,

Stephen George said...

Great ideas, man. Keep up writing.

Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin said...

Thank you very muxh for your inspiration. :)

Navid Hussain said...

You absolutely right. Wordpress users are having a goos time to get more comments. Anyway, blogger users need to know some techniques. You have written a GREAT POST.......!!!!!!:))))

Buddy said...

I firstly thought that you copied the content from Darren Rowse, but you yourself proved it wrong. This post is more valuable with links and techniques.

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