110 Ways To Promote Your Blog or Website

Woking hard. Img. copied from here.
When someone starts a new blog like I did for this one, s/he has really a hard time in promoting that site. Writing content is not a SO hard job. But when no one is here to read and explore your blog, you will just simply become disheartened and stop blogging. But the key is here. If you do not just stop out here, you will be able to become a Pro Blogger. For blogging promotion and ultimate success, read other famous blog like Problogger.net by Darren Rowse, 2createAwebsite.com, DailyBlogTips.com. They all did hard jobs and battle in the online field to establish themselves as Success Stories. And now they ARE!

But if you get the perfect guideline, idea and tips at the starting, then the journey may become a thousand times easier than me! So, for this reason, I am writing here 105 Ways To Promote Your Blog, which I have done throughout my entire blogging life.

Massive useful, unique and original content

1. Discover what people are writing in their high-trafficked blogs. Utilize their writing style and structure and  apply it into your own post.
Write Content. Image from here.
2. Guide people by writing how-to articles and working guides.
3. Post the interviews you made with popular figures.
4. Share your own stories and how you just do everything. But be sure, that is relevant to the your site's theme.
5. Post Manifestos.
6. Try that your sites are indexed by Google. Then rewrite them with some of your concepts taken from the article, make them short and submit it various content directories like Hubpages.com or, Squidoo.com.
7. Hire some freelance writers (or write by own) and submit articles to the directories in order to get some traffic and create the link juice. You can also hire me for cheap here.
8. Celebrate your and your blog's birthday gorgeously in order to show your readers that, you share whatevery you know. This will increase their faith on you. And the faith results in Affiliate Ca$h! 
9. Make some variation in your post styles. Take a glimpse at 15 kinds of posts here. 

Find other blogs and utilize them
10. Appear as guest authors in other famous blogs.
11. Go to Google Blog Search and find fresh posts to comment.
12. Try your best to become the first commentor.
13. Try to reach the Top Commentor list.
14. Try to find 'doFollow' blogs and comment them. If you do not know about doFollow blogs and how to identify, then read the article at ezine.
15. You should join a blog newtork. See what Darren Rowse has said here.
16. Also write in Small Blogs, then it is more likely to get your articles approved and get traffic from them.

Get Traffic From Facebook

17. Try to build a huge community in Facebook and advertise your blog updates. But please never indulge yourself in Spam activities. This simply damages your image.
18. Start a Facebook Fan Page like I have created here. Like it in the right sidebar of the blog.
19. Update your fan page and import your blog frequently. You can also make an automatic system. Learn more.
20. Create a Facebook App for your blog.
21. Create a Facebook Group and utilize it.
22. To earn some extra money from your community, then visit PaidStatus.com (Extra Point).

Utilize videos online

23. Make a youtube channel and update it with daily fresh videos on your niche topic.
24. Create another video and distribute through tubemogul.com
25. Convert your videos in various formats, slightly change the videos and renew it. Test the videos under different titles and keywords to come up on Google.
26. Be sure that your full blog URL is viewable in the top ot bottom of the video screen.
27. Think and research which video titles and tags are going to rank well in the Search Engines.
28. Try to buy the famous youtubers and then add your blog address in the description bar. This just works!
29. Reply to all your Youtube Video comments.
30. You can record concerts (where cameras are allowed) and publish it as fast as possible in your blog. And try to post relevant ones.

Utilize every @tweets

31. Make a huge number of followers.
32. Join Twiends and increase followers to five thousands. (Free of cost!)  
33. Put a hash tags (#nametag) in your tweets.
34. Follow back any one who follow you.
35. Try to follow only relevant people who are related to your business.
36. Extra : Earn money for every sponsored tweets.
37. Tweet on a daily, regular, schedules and planned way.
38. Try to put affiliate links as less as possible.
39. Try to help people as much as possible by your tweets. So they will look up for your coming tweets.
40. Follow me @shafinbest. I will back you :)

Use wordpress and blogger

41. Use All in SEO Pack in wordpress.
42. Create a theme and distribute it making a footer link.
43. You can release a free plugin. Make a link. If the plugin is good, then people will love.
44. Please try to use meta tags. For blogger users go here to learn how to.
45. Ping automatically on lots of ping services.

Do some little SEO

46. Register your domain name for 10 years.
47. Make some link juice.
48. Comment more and more in doFollow blogs to increse Page Rank.
49. Do some Article Marketing in a wise and targeted way.
50. You can try thesis.
51. Write link bait.

Social Networking

52. Use Facebook and Twitter wisely as said above.
53. Try to join every network and make a list and schedule when to use them.
54. You can join in small numbers but be sure to use them very efficiently.
55. Create list on Amazon.com.
56. Answer related question at Yahoo! Answers. Put your website link in the resourse box.
57. Write reveiws on Amazon.
58. Try to be very active in relevant ning.com communities.
59. Create reviews for Amazon products here
60. Use Mahalo Answers here.
61. Submit your site on Dofollow social bookmarking sites here.
62. Use LinkedIN Answers here.
63. Join Digital Point Forum and start answering keeping your site URL in the signature.
64. Submit your site on AllTop.com
65. You can try twitterfeed.com to send your latest content automatically to various places.
66. Use FriendFeed.com and network with others.
67. Write an article which will be mainly focused for Digg.com
68. You can try this bookmarker to automatically bookmark for you!
69. Be friend with one of many Digg Power Users.
70. Convert your blog posts into PDF format and then share them by Scribd.com
71. Find out the most trafficked and best posts in your blog and submit it on blog carnival.
72. Add your Scribd documents into relevant groups.

Utilize email marketing

73. Use aweber.com
74. Put your blog link in the Email Signature
75. Distribute your content through FeedBurner.

Let's do some PodCasting

76. Try to start a podcast and submit it to iTunes directory.
77. Submit it to podcast directory.
78. Convert your audio files into video formats and share them through tubemogul.com.

Use Stumble Upon

79. Try to make friend those people who stumble your content.
80. Place a stumble button in your post template.
81. Work regularly on stumubler to understand what is it actually.
82. Have other people initially submit content.

Are you willing to pay?

83. Buy some Ad Space.
84. Make people write about you. Test: Microworkers.com and PayPerPost.com or ReviewMe.com
85. Send out a Press Release.
86. Start using Facebook Ads
87. Its nice to try Google Ads (or, Adwords).

Utilize every people

88. Tell people about your blog and make them remember your domain.
89. While talking to any people, try to convert the conversation topic relevant to your blog. And tell him to pay a visit to your hard-worked site.
90. Attend several meetups.com.
91. Tell your firends, family and colleague about your new blog.

What's adf.ly and bit.ly?

92.  Bit.ly is a URL Shorter. Such as an address is http://productivehobbies.blogspot.com/2010/10/start-with-hubpages-before-you-start.html (So big with more than 85 characters)  but by shortening this with bit.ly I get a link with http://bit.ly/cWzD6n  20 Characters.
93. Share short links with your Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers and more.
94. Adf.ly is somehow same like bit.ly but it pays for every click your links get.
95. Use su.pr

Learn The Main Fundamentals, first

96. Firs motivate yourself.
97. Patience is the only key for bloggers.
98. Those who of you want overnight success, you will loose everything for sure.
99. Use Wordpress for easy blogging. Blogger is also good for me :)
100. Share your expertise and what you have gained on the field in which you're blogging otherwise no one is going to even look at your tips.
101. Try to blog on a daily basis.It is necessary to update it everyday. But make sure that you're on the journey in a scheduled way.
102. Remember, the more you work the more you gain.
103. Do not get confused while choosing Advertising Media from hundreds. Use Google Adsense and Infolinks. And Amazon, (or clickbank, or commissionjunction) for Affiliate Marketing. Chitika and Adbrite would be your second choice. And use PayPerPost.com for writing Paid Posts.
104. Express your cool personality in the writing.
105. Tell your readers what you do online.
106. Give some recreation to your blog readers with games or others you like.
107. Obviously make your blog family friendly for your ultimate success.
108. Make a plan how  many comments and guest posts you are going to contribute to other blogs. And keep it going on.
109. Learn and feel the importance of context here.
110. Find similar bloggers and connect yourselves.



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