How to get more followers in @Twitter - A success guide for newbies

I have never found anything special with Twitter. Because I could use Facebook more easily and had a full control over that friendly site. Anyway, now I discover that Twitter is another kind of media which is very different to Facebook. I was actually comparing apples with oranges :)! That means both are of different tastes.

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You will never find anything good with Twitter unless you possess hundreds or even thousands of followers. Because if you start Tweeting (Tweet means status, in twitter you can only do that and send personal messages), and no body follow (reads and discover) your tweets, then its totally useless, unproductive and meaningless. So in this post I am presenting you some good ways to get more twitter followers.

Make yourself attractive

Show Tweet Users that you are attractive by utilizing your fashioned pictures, or other celebrity pictures. But how to do it? You just change your existing name with a hero like Edward Cullen (Twilight Hero), Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and more on and change your picture with one you find on Google Images. If you think that you don't want to play with fake rather clean, then change your name with a high yielding trend topic, such as 'Legit Money Maker' or 'Online Money Maker' or 'New York Tweets' these kinds of trendy topics. Then you will see, when some you start following, he/she will be following you back looking at your image and names.

Target the audience category

Yes, it is not restricted that you can only have one Twitter account. The one which you are choosing now should match with your business. If you plan to grab the followers who will be under eighteen entrepreneurs and will be crazy for extra money to waste, then you should categorize your tweets in such a way that money making tips will be there. When you will intend to tweet about everything you find on earth, then you are going to do a real mistake. Because after a few days you yourself will be bored. OK, look at my blog for whom writing the posts, the audience like you who wants their hobby to generate more money than they are making automatically. So it is easier for me to write the post and make the topic narrower with certain keywords. Later you may create another Twitter account to start friendship, your restaurant business and anything you like :)

After, try Twiends

Yea, I also thought these kinds of auto sites all are scamming. But this site I found it meaningful. Its not auto tweeting and not similar to that even. When you are new to Twitter, who is going to try to follow you? But with this site you yourself can follow those who you like and receive some credits. And other people can also start following if they like you by looking at the list below. You will be appearing on the list for a limited time up to which you will be possessing credits. The more people you follow in your interest, the more credits you receive, the more credits you possess the for more duration you will be visible on the list.

Join here:

This are some little tricks to get more followers who will be following your tweets or status for long time, and when they rely you, you will be tweeting about your business brand and company. Happy Tweeting!


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