A quick post about RSS Feed

I was highly disappointed when one of my friends asked me 'What is RSS Feed?'. I just got a shock. Because in the modern world, who uses Internet must know about the RSS Feed Service and use it for their own success. Such as I write so many posts to present you, you may have tight schedule in a week, so it would be hard for you to come to my blog unless you bookmark it. But if you subscribe to the RSS Feed here, you will be able to keep track to my site, which is already being used by millions of regular Internet Users,

So what is RSS?

According to Darren Rowse of Problogger,
"RSS is a technology that is being used by millions of web users around the world to keep track of their favorite websites."
When RSS Feed was not here to help us read other blogs, we all had a hard time bookmarking different blogs and website. It can arise various problems such as, we may miss various updates when we forget to check the bookmarks. Another big problem is that, if we bookmark too many sites it looks very crazy. And the important blogs become lagged behind. So RSS Feed is now the only solution.

How to subscribe

Yea, its as easy as ABC! When you visit a blog or website, in the navigation bar you will find a RSS icon, just click on that. Then a drop down menu will come down, then you choose from the two options. Look at my page snapshot below-

Click here,

Once, you have done this, you will be subscribed to the page. And will be able to select various methods to keep track with the sites. RSS stand 'Really Simple Syndication'. So, let's have a try!


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