An easy solution to wordpress themes- A guide for newbie

You are new to wordpress, right? Then it is a very common matter that you will have trouble in choosing the perfect theme and to customize it. I remember my early days in Wordpress. I spent all day long in finding a perfect theme. And if I found one, I failed to customize. Later, I found a theme which I used earlier can bring the solution. You can download the theme from the site here. Name of the theme is 'Mystique'. As soon as you install it in your blog & activate it, then you will see an menu at the left sidebar of the Dashboard that 'Mystique Theme Menu'. Visiting there you will get everything. If you think that, you will create a website not a blog, then you go to the settings. And in the sub-menu you will find Reading option. Go there tick the check box of the option 'A Static Page'. Hope it helps :) is a website which I designed with this theme. You can check that.

Today its a very busy day for me. Bye. I will write more tomorrow :) :) :)


Hubert said...

I understand you are very busy. As because, you never do mistakes in Grammar. And write elaborately with pictures. No problem. We understood what you wanted to say. And its a great tips beyond doubt!

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