Write Article, Earn Money-How To Do It

Yea. Its now a very known matter to us that, writing articles can give us a great deal of money, just working online from home just as I am doing. For this, no investment, set-up fees are necessary. If you have the art, creativity & intention inside you that you WILL earn by writing articles, who's going to stop you, huh?

Many sites are looking hungrily on the Internet for some authors like you to submit articles. Some directories are even sharing a good amount (50% revenue) with the respective authors. How to do it? Just visit and sign-up in any sites from the list provided below. Submit an article and start receiving money from your Paypal or Alertpay account. If you do not have any of these online bank account, click on their name I wrote, in order to register. (Paypal is not supported in many countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan); so it is better to use Alertpay Service.

Anyway, I come to my main point by providing some revenue sharing lists below.
  • Hubpages.com : Its a site where you can create your own desired hubs (pages) just like your personal website and add Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates & Kontera inside to start earning residual income. To know more about Google Adsense, visit my post How to get adsense approval easily & quickly
  • Squidoo.com: Squidoo is very similar to hubpages. And as far as I know, its better than hubpages. But I prefer hubpages to use!
  • Bukisa.com: Its a website where you will be paid for each views your submitted approved articles get.
  • Associatedcontent.com: Its only open for the USA. people. As I am a non-U.S, so I do not know much about it. But I can guarantee you that its a good source to earn. Because this service is created and managed by Yahoo™.
  • Shvoong.com: You will earn 10% of the site's Adsense Revenue. They are a good source to earn, but I like the former ones more. You may have a try!
  • ehow.com : This site made a quick jump in this beautiful paid service. It pays you to write how-to articles. Its better to give a shot. But I regret, because its not open worldwide rather some selected countries.
These are some good and trusted sites to start receiving great cash by writing articles online. I am always here to add many other sites in the list. Please inform me in the comment box, if you have one in your mind!

"This post is dedicated to MM. Rahman Akash of epubd.com. Hope he likes it & you."


George said...

Again a great post, Shafin. Keep writing...

Minhaj said...

Is any of the site from the list scam? Do they really pay? I hope you will post your Payment Proves with the post below.


Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin said...

@ Minhaj

I am shafin ( blog author). I can assure you that I do not list scam products in my blog. If you think anyone, please show me the proof. And I will make another post with my payment prooves.

Hope its clear.

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