5 Detailed Reasons To Start And Continue Article Marketing

In the early post I am writing periodically at Articlesbase & gaining great I described the bad sides of Facebook Traffic. Such as they likely increase the bounce rate, decrease sells, readership and overall website grade. So as a medium of getting targeted traffic, rich traffic we should promote our respective blogs by doing little Article Marketing. In addition there are various merits of writing articles, which I want to present for you in this post. (My one customer Nasif A. Razzaque asked me that, 'Is there any benefit of Article Marketing?'  So I am writing this post just dedicating to him).

5 Reasons to continue Article Marketing
  • Increase your brand credibilty: Using Google Adwords™, Yahoo Ads you can get huge visitors, true. But you are not giving anything to the visitor who is coming to your blog. Let me explain little bit clearly. If you write article on the topic that is relevant to your blog's keyword topic, then people will get information, tips, tricks & techniques from your articles, know about yourself and thus he will be converted into your regular reader!
  • Overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effect: What  do search engines specially Google™ looks for? They look for content and your link popularity. Thus they are going to increase the Page Rank of your blog and search result from your blog is likely to come quickly in the front page. So if you are writing articles & submitting it to the famous directories like Articlesbase.com or Ezinearticles.com ; Google loves to index them faster because it knows that these directories do not publish article which are not informative & do not fulfill the title promise. 
  • Establish you yourself expert in the respective field: I mean by this that, now millions of people are browsing the Internet and no one is going to notice that you are here. But great figures like Darren Rowse & Pete Cashmore has done it because they attracted people and made the SearchEngines & audiences know that you are up here.
  • Reach the those customer whom you've never dreamt about: Its quite a natural thing, that you write articles and people likes them and so pay a visit to your blog. You always need to remember that, millions of people are reading Articlesbase & Ezinearticles; so if a rich customer comes to your blog following the links and start purchasing one by one that's never a miracle rather a normal phenomenon, because we have it.
  • Make RSS there and see what it can return: If anyone subscribes your articles there, then they'll be updates up to date and learn about your new products, free services & ultimate pay some great cash to you.
So these are some of the benefits of Article Marketing.  Who knows, I am also gaining something extra doing this but do not know it still? Please express yourself and teach me in the comment box.

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