I am writing periodically at Articlesbase & gaining great.

In one of my previous posts, I have shared with you that how to start your first earning blog, remember? Find it here, But only writing articles and telling your Facebook Friends to come & visit your blog is not going to make you & your hard work popular. Because the traffic from Facebook have many demerits:
 Such as,

  • They will increase your bounce rate rapidly.(They will come & fly away in a moment)
  • Will be highly non-targeted.
  • They will come visit but never going to buy anything from your blog and become a regular reader.
  • If you think, they are going to publicize your blog with their friends, you are totally wrong. Know, why? Because they are always busy in commenting other's photos!
So, these are the bad sides of Facebook Traffic. So its your time to jump to Article Marketing. Two best article directory where you can submit your articles & gain massive exposure are,
  • Ezinearticles.com
  • Articlesbase.com
Now which one to choose between the two. Searching the Google & visiting the forums about this argument, you will find that people are appreciating ezinearticles.com in most cases.

But I don't know why I found Articlesbase.com nowadays, it suits with me far better than that ezinearticles. Because my articles submitted at Articlesbase get more exposure, comments, sales & hit to my site! So, I found this site very cute.

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Below I list some benefits of submitting articles at Articlesbase.com

  • Bring Traffic To Your Site: Its an old concept and almost all of us we know that, writing informative and eye-catching articles with a link back,  can get the traffic flowing to our site. But the best part of that is, ITS TOTALLY FREE!
  • Advertise about your brand & yourself: Utilizing the power of this free article directory. Try to advertise your brand and make yourself famous indirectly.
  • Generate sales without a website: You have a new product online to sell by Amazon or something? Your articles can work as your personal websites! It works better indeed. Because, when people search about your product on Google, the articlesbase result appears on the first page normally. But make sure that those are not too commercial.
These are some great benefits of submitting your articles in that free directory & gain profit. You can see my latest & famous article and take it as an example!

My Latest Article: http://www.articlesbase.com/home-business-articles/earn-writing-articles-hot-3251148.html

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Steven H said...

I read a study awhile back that said Facebook hits actually have a lesser bounce rate and they spend more time on your site compared to other social media: Twitter, Stumble, Digg, etc.

I've also used Ezine before with some mild success. Never tried Articlesbase. Perhaps I will give it a shot.

Thanks for the tips Ibrahim!

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