Use Smiling Faces & Emoticons on Facebook

We often use emoticons to express our mental position while chatting, commenting & giving status in different places. But Facebook was lagged behind for lack of this simple service. And people used Yahoo! Messenger again like before for chatting purposes. But now recently this service has been added but its only for chatting. Such as, I am chatting with my friends in the chat box and if I write :) , it will be automatically turned into a smiling face! The only thing you will need to is to follow the signs below:

  • :)      - Smiling Face
  • :(      - Sad Face
  • :@   - Angry
  • :S     - Awkward
  • (au)  - Auto
  • =(     - Sad
  • T.T   - Sad
  • ;^!    - Secret
  • :-V   - Shoutung
  • :!      - Scared
These are some of the emoticons I know. You can use this not only in Facebook Chat, but also in different places like GTalk ; live and more...Hope you try & enjoy! And give some feedback...


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