10 Steps To Start Your First Earning Blog

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So, you've decided to start your blog? It's the right place you've visited...because I'm going to show you some killing steps which will help you start your first blog. From which you can easily earn a GREAT deal of money. Therefore, its your time to read the following attentively & imply accordingly-

Step#1: Finding the perfect domain name

It seems to be easy but for slight mistake in finding the right domain, your full business can be at hazards. So follow the below points:
  1. Your domain name should not cross 20 characters.
  2. It should be easy to remember.
  3. It should have relevancy (relation) with your content & site heading.
  4. It should be easy to pronounce.
  5. It may have hyphens (-), but I suggest you not to include any.
So, if you have read attentively these  5 points & chose a nice, beautiful and eye-catching domain name, you should visit- www.GoDaddy.com to purchase the domain name. You can also search that your selected domain is free (available) or not here- www.InstantDomainSearch.com

 Step # 2: Look  for a good web- hosting.

You can buy a good web hosting at www.HostGator.com . After buying the both, I will show you nice ways to install wordpress.

Step# 3: You can have all of these for FREE!

www.Blogger.com can help you in this regard. Though using it is totally free & easy, yet the revenue (money from blog) which you'll earn will be far less than the purchased ones. But for having a start, or, if you like to earn small amount of money & later invest it in buying domain & hosting, then I'd recommend you to use Blogger the most. (It's easy to get Adsense Approval).

Step # 4: Time to install Wordpress. (If you have bought the Domain & Hosting)

If you have bought the Domain & Hosting and they're full ready, then you can visit www.wordpress.com/download . Wordpress is a free blogging software which you can install in your hosting. You will get various facilites using Wordpress. If you use this software, your content will be easily visible in the search engine. (Eg- Google, yahoo).

Its quite simple that you cannot understand how to install this wordpress, then you can take help from free online videos. I'm recommending you one- Solostream.

Step # 5: Content is the king.

If you have already made a good research about earning money through blogging, you should already have learnt that 'Content is the king'. But you may not know why or how to create them. I'm showing you below-

If your content is Unique, useful & original people will be surely benefited. Then they may pass the messages to their friends & give a link to your blog from their blog or Twitter, thus you get benefited. It'll also help you achieving high Page Rank in the future. Page Rank will help your site to come on the first page of Google Search! Anyway, if I need to explain you why you'll need original and useful content then I can show you the perfect example of Facebook. Do you know the history of Facebook? Mark Zukerberg (the creator) has created it to communicate with his friends in the college. But we all now use it. Why? Because it's GREAT!

Step # 6: Getting the perfect idea for new posts

You can get the ideas for writing new posts (pages) from your own. But in the beginning you won't understand how to find out what you yourself can and write as well. To understand this, you should also find out the topic which you've selected has great popularity or not. Such as you've decided to write about 'Facebook Tricks', if you want to know that people are interested with this topic keyword or not, then Google Trends would be the best place for you to find. Go to Google Trends and you'll find a search box. You search there- Facebook Tricks, then find the necessary information in the provided Graph. But if it shows that "A graph cannot be made due to lack of enough searches", then you should drop the keyword and find another. And search again.

Ask the following question to yourself to find your Niche or in which you are specialist-
  • In which topic I can write 100 pages in my notebook?
  • In which topic I can give a random speech for 1 hour?
  • In which topic if I give 1 hour speech, I myself won't be bored?
  • In which topic if I research all time daily, I won't want to get rid off it?
  • In which topic if I teach people, they will be happy to listen?
  • In which topic, and I'm sure I will get comments & feedbacks?
These are the things which you should ask yourself to find the perfect niche in yourself.

Step#7: Blogging is like Digging

While Digging, what do you do? If you do it daily for hours, then a canal can be dug very easily within in a short time, but if you do not do then it may become a small hole only! So like that if you write 3 posts daily at the beginning, then within a month, you're going to have- 30 X 3 = 90 posts + 10 posts = 100 posts/month.
So if you write 100 posts a month then in 6 months you imagine you'll be near a thousand easily. And from each post if you earn $0.10 daily, then from 600 posts you'll earn easily- $60/ daily in average. So in a month? You will be earning $1800. (BDT. 1,26,000 TK.)

Step # 8: Try to drive a little Traffic

You can find many ways of driving traffic to your blog. Some mentionable are-
  1.  If you are here in my blog by searching Google, then you already know how Google can help publishers to provide traffic. Anyway, when you're in the primary stage to start blogging and know not enough about SEO, then you should try the below steps.
  2. Putting a link in Email Signature.
  3. Inviting Facebook, MySpace & Twitter Friends to visit your blog.
  4. You can join related forums & gossipping area.
  5. You can submit your blog at different Blog Directories.
  6. Submit articles in famous places in ezinearticles, bukisa, hubpages, squidoo etc. Give a resource link to your blog inside those articles. It would be easier for you to gain massive & loyal traffic.
As soon, as you have a decent amount of traffic you may apply for any Advertising Programme which will pay you to run their ads in your blog/website's sidebar, top or bottom!

Step # 9: It's the time to appear for Adsense

Adsense is considered as the best advertising programme in the present world which is a product from Google. You can learn more about Adsense in my another blog post- Guaranteed Adsense Approval.
As soon as you visit www.google.com/adsense , they will guide you upto the registration process.

If you want Adsense Approval from your free Blogger blog (Blogspot Blog) then you should visit the 'Monetize' Tab, and do whatever they instructs.

Arising different problems is a very simple phenomenon for new bloggers & web developers. There are many  techniques to get Adsense Approval. Again I like to suggest you to visit my same blog post here-  Guaranteed Adsense Approval.

Step # 10: So, have a good earning!

If you have followed my steps and read all the Terms of Services & Privacy Policy of Google Adsense Programme, then your earning should already start coming. Just you need to look & read my every post if you want a real success.

I am suggesting you two books for ultimate Adsense Earning, hope you buy, read & gain success,

If you have any enquiries about this post, then you should feel free to contact me in my Contact Page.
Comment me if you want some more bonus steps to be added here with your name and a link to your website.....


John Smith said...

Hmm...I'm going to start my blog very soon and start earning. I have a question to you. "How much do you earn with this blog?"

With thanks,
John Smith.

Tansid Brut said...

Dear Author,

I like your way of writing. I'm now very much interested in blogging. Hope I earn!


Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin said...

Wish you a happy blogging life...I am here to help you whenever you need. Contact me in the contact page...

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Owner and author of this blog.

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