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Hi, there. How do you do? I know that many of you like my blog posts very much and they find the posts useful, informative & cool....(Please do not think that I'm flattering my posts myself....these are the comments which I've received from some of my loyal readers, I just let you know!).

But, it's a matter of great regret that I'm having a hard time to spread the news of this blog. I'll be the happiest person in this world, if you inspire my blogging by liking the fan page in facebook, spread the message of this blog to your friends...and also give one backlink from your blog (if you have one).

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Anyway, I will be the happiest person in this world if you kindly do the following favors-
  1. If you  help me to gain More Traffic by spreading news about this blog in Facebook, twitter or myspace.
  2. Increase Facebook Fanpage Likes. (You can do it in the sidebar).
  3. A link back from your blog/site (if you have). It can help me to achieve better search engine rankings. Anyway, your site should be relevant (on the related topic) for this.
  4. Your love, affection, reaction, comments...
The four points which I've mentioned above, without these a blog cannot succeed in the long run. So these are the key to success. And these keys are lying with you. Therefore, I need your cordial help.

With thanks, regards & warm wishes,
Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin.
Blog Administrator.


Richard Engeorse said...

Hey author,

You write & work so hard for us, we will surely help you to spread the blog news. Don't think.

With Thanks,

Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin (Author) said...

@Richard Engeorse...

Thanks you very much...

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