Ronangoner Daakticket - Crematic X

Crematic X is one of  newest established band in Bangladesh. But it has earned the fame more than they expected in my (opinion). A group of BUET (Bangladesh University Engineering Technology) students has started it successfully & now has managed to own the place of Bangladeshi people's heart. It has so much special features spcially the band members are so much 'efficient' in singing & clever in writing the lyrics & tuning them that all people get stunned. Somedays, ago a funtion was held in BUET. Crematic X has took part and made the audience "ROCK!".

Winning in Moo's Band Fest

Crematic X showed people the enchanting magic when they won the Moo's Band Fest. They got a huge money check from that. I understood that time that one day CX (Crematic X) is going to hit the minds of people! And the ultimate proof was the releasing of the album- 'Ronangoner Daakticket'- Learn more here

Who started the band 

5 brilliant students of BUET has started the band (I mentioned earlier!). And we can name it in this way-
Prajna: Guitars and vocals,
Rifat: Guitars, Sanjoy: Drums ,
Ashique: Keys and vocals,
Mishu: Bass and vocals. 

Prajna is the leader in the team. He plays both guitar & sings in the mic. I personally like his singing because he sings the mild songs. And the others like Ashique Ahmed & Mishu are also rocking stars. I appreciate Ashique Ahmed becuase his fantastic Keyboard playing & also his nice voice and rocking, eye-catching styles!  

Ronangoner Daakticket Song

A book was published by Prothoma Prokashoni named "Ekattorer Chiti". In that book there is collection of letters written by the highly respected Freedom Fighters to their respective guardians, parents & other sibling, relatives, friends. The clever Crematic X Band has took one letter as their lyrics (reciting). This letter was cut & recited by a famous actor of Bangladesh named as Khaled Khan. 

And the main lyrics where tone was added, that lyrics was written by Ashique Ahmed Kaifee & tuned by Prajna Prasun Bhattyacharja.

In The Form of Album 

Ronangoner Daakticket- was name kept for their new album. This album is consisted of 10 Killing Songs! A bonus song was added with is album. So a sum total is- 11. The song is doitota wich you can download from here-

Key information about the album 

  • Album Photography: Sakib Iqbal
  • Poster Design: Shiphat Rahman.
  • Legal portal for sownloading:
  • Contact:
Guest Performers

  • Khaled Khan: Recitation in "Ronangoner Daakticket".
  • Plabon: Violin on "Its my life"
  • Swagota: Recitation in 'Kromosho Amatei'   




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