Arrival of Ronangoner Daakticket Album

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If you know about Crematic X (CX) then I'm considering that you know 'something'. Otherwise you all're considered by me as the frogs of the dark well.

Anyway, I was just kidding. Its quite natural that you've not heard of this band. Because it has just started its journey as an established Band. The most amazing thing is that it has gained a HUGE fame about within a year!

Who has started

Prajna: Guitars and vocals, Rifat: Guitars, Sanjoy: Drums , Ashique: Keys and vocals, Mishu: Bass and vocals.

Arrival of Ronangoner Daakticket

Have you heard about the book 'Akattorer Chiti' or 'একাত্তরের চিঠি'  ?  There are letters written by the honorable Freedom Fighter. The clever Crematic X team has took one mail and used it to recite by Khaled (A famous actor!). Thus people liked it very much, I also liked it. I have listened it many times, hope you also listen. For your assistance I am giving here the link-here.

At last its an album

It took the form of an album. Published by G-Series. Its now available in shops of CD/DVD. They have also started some T-Shirts. Anyway, it would be nicer for us to have one, what do you say?

In Facebook, search "Crematic X"- that's it you'll find everything about the band, you need!  
Comment me, if you like the band or post or my writing style! Good luck! 


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