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He Has Magic In His Voice

Now I understand what is God Gifted Voice after hearing about Kumar Sanu. Any one hear his voice become his ultimate fan. Why, do you know? I think he has some supernatural power of enchanting people, which he utilizes by his sweet voice. He has also got  great talent of learning & singning songs in various languages like Hindi, Bangla, Gujrati and more on. He is famous for singing Hindi & Bengali mainly.
I do not like watching TV. But some days ago when I started the TV and tuned the Channel Z-Bangla, I saw Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa L'ill Champs is going on adn he is the judge! It was a very sweet moment for me to see Kumar Sanu on the screen. Its quite natural that Kumar Sanu is not young like before. (Time never forgives anybody). Yet he was looking so handsome, meritorous that its quite unimaginable. Now I post some key information about Kumar Sanu below-

Key Information About Kumar Sanu
  • Born: September 22, 1957 (1957-09-22) (age 52)
  • Birth Place: Kolkata, India.
  • Genre: Playback Singing.
  • Languages: Hindi, Bangla.
  • Bengali Name: (কুমার সানু, কেদারনাৎ ভাট্টাচায)
  • Occupation: Singer,Actor,Music Director,Film Producer.
  • Instruments he can play: Tabla. 
Short History (Early Life)

Pashupati Bhattacharjee was Kumar Sanu's father who was an accomplished vocalist and composer. Kumar Sanu received a complete teaching from his father in the line of singing & playing Tabla efficiently. Kumar Sanu was in a good school in India & atlast he earned the commerce degree from Calcutta University. His first public programme was seen in the year 1979. He started singing at the shows and restaurants around Kolkata (Calcutta). He took Kishore Kumar কিশোর কুমার (his honorable teacher) as his ideal & later he earned his own singing style. 
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