Your hobby as your Small Business

Do you want to start a small business? But do not have time or money to start it? No problem. I'm going to show you some GREAT ideas in this article. According to my opinion, your hobby can earn a good income for you. And you can consider that hobby as your small business. Now, it is the time to select a profitable and productive hobby to have that much income.

10 Great Earning & Productive Hobbies To Start Today:

1. Article Writing Would Be The Best Hobby:
If you have the capability of writing nice, useful and beautiful articles, then you've great chances to get a living from it. But how? Just sign up at or Shvoong is a great place to write your Articles because they share 10% of their Adsense Revenue with their authors! And in you'll be paid for each view your articles get! (approx. 1 view=1 cent). It seems to be a low income but when you'll submit daily 25 articles to bukisa, then you'll earn around $500/monthly from it. Isn't it nice? Visit here to learn more.

2. It is the time to start your OWN blog:

Its your time to select that how much money you're willing to earn from this method. If you want to earn thousands of dollars, then I'd recommend you to start with a little investment for buying your own domain (website name) & hosting and install wordpress in it. Learn to install it from

If you have decided that you do not want to invest even a cent, then I'd recommend you to use Its the best free platform for blogging. Though you won't be provided with a full domain & good hosing unless you give the money to purchase it, yet it has SO MANY benefits that people just forget about the demerits & start earning from it. Anyway, if you want to start earning HUGE amount from this method, then i'd recommend you to download your liked attractive templates from rather using the classic ones.

You need to think what kind of articles can be written in your blog and which keywords you're willing to focus on. When you get an idea, just check Google Trends and search the keywords. If they tells that those keywords have not been searched at an enough rate. Then you should think of another TOPIC.

Monetize with the best PPC (Paid Per Click) Programmes:

Adsense is MUST for your income. In addition you can use Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Yahoo! Publisher, Casale Media, Clicksor, Chitika & Amazon Associates (Affiliate attached with Blogger).

3. You are going to start Photography as your HOBBY!

Its now a very common habit of people that, when they go to visit somewhere they are always clicking the Camera Button one by one and capturing the picture of their friends, family & nature! Then why not earn from each click? Visit & and start earning royalty.

4. Earn Money With Paid Surveys:

Surveys are comparatively old concept & I think you should know about this method of money making. On a survey site, you need to to register and wait till the surveys come; fill in the form with your opinion and that's it! You will earning money for each survey you take. Some of these sites offer paid emails where you have to send/ read emails. One of the popular and legit survey site is

5. Make a hobby of writing your opinions: is a nice place for this. You may say its a new era of money making. Maximum times you'll need your own blog to write the reviews. Be sure that you'll be paid for each reviews you write!

6. If you're going to depend on your hobby financially, then FREELANCING is going to help you:

Freelance jobs provide a great way for web users to work at home and earn a good income. You may have skills like data entry, web design, graphics design or administrative tasks; you will get work online and for this you will be paid. You can start a career with Freelancing too! One of the good marketplace I recommend for freelancing is You can also try,

7. You're going to love Affiliate Marketing to make your HOBBY!:

If your website is now well enough. You can start prompting others' product through your blog. It's quite a tough job to create your own brand and invest for advertisements & others. Rather, if you work as an affiliate then you'll earn, but no investment is necessary. is now the best. (It does not support Bangladesh!). BUt Amazon Associates are also there. Its best for blogs created by BLOGGER.

8. Share your favorite files: is a nice place to share your files with your friends and relatives. And its most funny part is that you'll be paid per unique download of your uploaded file. Anyway, the income is not SO high. For this reason, you need to upload more & more. And particpiate in Yahoo Answers &a; also different forums and advertise the link from where the files can be downloaded.

9. Get paid to promote banners 

Its a an easy way to earn money just by placing banner in your website's top, sidebar or at below. The websites which have USA, Canada, Italy, Spain Traffic the most, they are going to earn better from it. Just follow the link here. And start earning money.

10  I'm going to pay your for this

Wan't to earn money? But cannot earn yet from online? No problem. Just visit here. And start receiving monthly cash from it. The minimum payout is just $1. Your earning status will be mailed to you once a week! You need to work a little for me at your home. And the most funny thing is that I'll pay you unlimited. The more you earn, the more you receive from me!


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