Again I write about the king of the kings (Download links for Kumar Sanu Songs)

He's simply awesome. Some new songs have been released of Kumar Sanu, which I've heard some; anyway those are in Bengali, so many of you cannot understand. Some days ago, I wrote & hold a contest between the two stars Kumar Sanu & Udit Narayan. Find it here. And the contest is still going can join in the comment box....(Help Kumar Sanu to win)

Check the video...& you'll see that the KING IS BACK! (Don't expect this video as a Kumar Sanu will find some flying text & some pictures which admit that the king is really really back to his fans..)

(This video is copied from

The aim of writing this post is to give some good links from where you can download the hit & latest songs of Kumar Sanu absolutely for free. Anyway, there are some links which will take you to some website where Kumar Sanu's evergreen old songs are available.... So why back? follow the links below....

  2. 2010 Valentine Song: (Video):
  5. (Oldies)
  6. Dishant2
These are some of the good sites to download Kumar Sanu's song.. enjoy the songs & leave some comments too!

Or, buy a kumar sanu & alka yagnik CD from


brohi hwa said...

Again an excellent I really like Kumar Sanu...& all must say that he is KING or something greater...

Akbar Ali Khan said...


Fahad Malik said...

Kumar Sanu has GOD GIFTED heart touching voice which no one singer neither been before nor will be in the history of the Bollywood.GOD has put the miracle in his voice. Bollywood is booming just because of Kumar Sanu otherwise it was all over because only and only Kumar Sanu boomed it for 10 Years and gave lot of countless hit songs and just because of his songs the movies got hit. So Bollywood should consider him as their BHAJWAN

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