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 "BlogKori"- is a blog of 2 years old, which is very popular and liked by many. When you search Google, Money making blog from Bangladesh, then BlogKori will be at the top because it has a good number of PageRank 4.

Now, let me provide you some basic information about BlogKori,
  • Creator & Editor: Mr. Tamal Anwar
  • Page Rank: 4.
  • Daily Visitor: (This information, is not shared anywhere)
  • Facebook Fans: 150 people likes Tamal Anwar.
  • Latest Products:  ( 
  • Monetization Method: InfoLinks.
These are the key information about BlogKori. You can subscribe the newsletter there which is just sent to the subscribers only....Tamal Anwar, never publishes the sent email to any other places. 

You can also find Tamal Anwar at Facebook as a friend, be his friend then you'll get some chances to gain some backlinks or other personal useful tips from him.

He is also a 22 years youth with whom I've chatted in GTalk, he gave me various good suggestions, and I implied those in my this blog. After somedays, I've got the Adsense Approval too!

When you're going to purchase any products from him. Buy it without any hesitation. Anyway, as I'm not his partner or a reseller but I am his well-wisher and the review which you have read is just written out of pleasure!


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