5 Steps To Create An Article Directory Without Knowing Programming In Wordpress!

We all net-users use Article Directory to read and submit articles in order to get various information and backlinks. Within so many thousands of sites and blogs some may not differentiate an Article Directory with other Websites and Blogs. For some quick idea I suggest you to visit Articlesbase and EzineArticles.

Why You Want To Create An Article Directory?

You can create it for various purposes. Firstly the money from monetizing. Secondly, to promote you other blogs. Thirdly, to share information and lastly, be the owner of a huge site.

How to earn money from Article Directories? Its a common question. Answer is simple too. Increase your quantitiy sign up for Google Adsense and gain popularity to earn per impression and click.

5 Steps To Create An Article Directory

#1 - Register a domain : 50% of your company and online success depends on your domain and hosting planning. Choose such a domain that is - 1. easy to remember -  2. easy to pronounce - 3. as short as possible.

#2 Wise Hosting - Always buy secured hosting. Otherwise, you are mostly probably going to be HACKED! I suggest you HostGator. And for this article directory you should better plan how big site you are willing to create and how much you can invest for articles. So take bandwidth accordingly.

#3 Install Wordpress - Installing wordpress is too easy. Look up here and work accordingly. It may take an hour to install if you are here for new and know nearly nothing how these works.

#4 Choosing the right theme (template) - You won't be able to work with a simple theme designed by your baby. Rather go for the Articlesss.com and get the theme. We all thank that site's owner for providing this fantibulous theme.

#5 Write Articles - Make categories, sub categories. And insert minimum five articles to go on. As soon as you have a minimum of 50 unique articles, go for promoting and advertising. And monetize wisely with Adsense and Infolinks (which are the best couples). Also tell your friends, family and known ones to submit and contribute articles.

Some Extra Tips

1. Get the best articles from me in bulk quanitity but in cheap price. Go in Hire Me page.
2. Or, buy an article re-writer from online providers.
3. Buy a fascinating theme with more options from here with $99. You may earn more. 


1. Don't go for creating the directory without having $100 to invest. Its very risky.
2. Also do not come for creating the directory if you are unable to give enough time.


tamarf said...

Hey, this is Tammy from Infolinks. I loved your post and I really appreciate you sharing that AdSense + Infolinks is the best combo for monetization! If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@infolinks.com.

Happy blogging,


Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin said...

Thank you Tammy for commenting in my growing blog. And I like to write good about others. It's my pleasure.

With thanks,
Owner of the blog.

Tariqul said...

Thanks for your useful information. I will try this.

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