10 Steps To Start A Blog Of Book Reviews

You love reading books? Want to utilize this valuable quality in exchange of some money? But can't do it? This article is going to answer these tripical questions with easy techniques.

The 5 Steps
  1. Buy a domain: Carefully buy a short, relative and rememberable domain name.
  2. Buy a safe hosting: I suggest you to buy from Hostgator.
  3. Install WordPress: Go through the tutorial - codex.
  4. Choose a theme: Choose the correct theme matching with the genre of book in which you're reviewing.
  5. Start writing: Start writing short reviews with most valuable information.
  6. Movies: Tell that if there is a movie on this book.
  7. Link to amazon: Link to a book store which sell that book, and earn ongoing commissions.
  8. Link to the author: Link to the authors page.
  9. Make popularity: Promote that blog in this 105 Ways - Promote your blog in 105 Ways.
  10. Make money per review: Write paid reviews. Fix a payment like $10/per book at the starting.
Extra Tips
These are the 10 Steps to start a blog on book reviews. Enjoy! And comment below.


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