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If you have a special quality of writing Articles, Magazines, Jokes, Short Stories, Instant Poems, then this's the right place for you. I'm writing this post targeting to those people who have this quality (hidden), but not expressing or showing off. Anyway, as you're here to read this post I'm going to make you clear how to utilize your qualities and squeeze some great profit ($) from it!

Join Ezine Articles

eZine  is a great place to submit your written articles. But yet you won't be able to earn money for it unless you fix some medium for the money to come straight to your pocket. But it can give you popularity.

It's the time to start your own BLOG 

Nowadays personal websites are DEAD. It's the time to start your own blog. Thinking about the cost ( for setting & designing)? Forget that.. Just visit Blogger firstly, or if you want your this hobby to give you a big amount of money, then this free blog is not going to work any more. Rather you need to invest some small amount of money. But be sure that this investment is the first and it's the last!
Follow the link to learn more about setting your first blog- Blogkori.

Monetize it with the best Advertising Programmes

That day has gone. You now need to monetize your blog with several advertising campaigns, but of course in a very PLANNED way. You should select various methods.   Such as- Adsense on the top, in the middle of the posts & in the sidebar. Inline text ads by Infolinks. And an extra programme like Adbrite. And you should also join different Affiliate links.

Join Shvoong

Its a nice place where you're going to join. By submitting articles here you're going to earn directly. This site shares 10% of its revenue with it's authors. So don't miss the CHANCE! 

Join Bukisa

It's also a nice platform to earn money writing articles. You can submit a maximum of 25 articles daily to it. You can re-write the articles from Shvoong which you've submitted. (But be sure that it looks like totally UNIQUE, otherwise your account's going to be banned.)

Your blog's going to be the best method for earning!

As your blog is going to be the best method for receiving plenty amount of money. You should give more time to it. Your blog's appearance, content & traffic is your asset. If you have a minimum of 1000 traffic a day. Then you won't earn less than $5000 (according to my calculation). But you're going to have a hard tome for driving traffic to your blog. For this reason, you may post some ads by Google Adword or by Yahoo, but if you can spend around 2 hours daily for this purpose, then spending's not necessary! Write articles and stories and different famous places like SQUIDOO, eHow and Digg

If you follow the methods I've selected above. You may earn a FULL TIME income from it. But always remember that nothing can be gained without plan, time and effort. So, always give attention to the three words I've written in the former sentence.


These are the books which I recommend you to buy from Amazon.com, if you've any questions regarding this post, please feel free to  contact with me here. or, Comment me.


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