Understand People Looking At Face!

Shahid Kapoor Face | Image copied from here.
There are various techniques to understand people walking, staying or living around your houses or your area. Looking at the faces is one of the best methods to examine. Manytimes, these techniques may not actually match with reality, but it works....it's better if you have a little experience implying the techniques in your own life. These tips can be of great help while making new friends...

  • Look like parents: The lady who looks like her father seems to be happy in life. And again the boys who looks like their mothers seem to be happy in life too. So, if you see a boy or girl sitting beside his/her parents or walking together you will bear the power to tell about the range of their happiness! Amazing, right? I was also astonished when I was acquainted with this unbelievable matter  and in maximum cases it is true. Better if you check in your life and get experience. You can make a quick expreience your friends' face or relatives' face.
  • Cannot see laugh are unhappy: When you will not be able to see laugh in someones' face you need to consider them unhappy & poor also.
  • Face bigger than body: The persons who have their face bigger than their body you need to consider themselves as unhappy in life. They have many miseries and pain. (This may not match in some cases, but it matches in most times).
  • Face of square shape: The persons whose faces are of square shapes, they are generally very clever & sly. They can understand different things in short time & can apply their techniques while needed. They can also work for good and work for bad. For this reason, when you see a man/woman's face square-shaped be careful.
  • Face of round shape: The person who has a round shape generally becomes wealthy. They normally gets a lots of money which he can apply both for good purpose and bad purpose, so for this reason, never be so much careless when sitting beside a man like it or while making relationship with!
  • Man looks like lady: The man who looks like lady, are probable to get a daughter. This way he who has a face looking like a lady be normally confirmed that he is going to bear a daughter!
  • Man who is afraid: Man's face which shows that he is afraid, it seems that he is always involving himself in crimes. This method can also be applied while checking ladies.
  • Face shorter than the body: The person who have faces shorter than their body, are likely to be close-feasted.
  • Face covered with hair: The man who has a face covered with hair are normally very polite in nature.
These are the simple ways to understand people looking at his/her face. Let us imply it our own lives while making friendships & relationships with other people!


Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin said...

You can now understand people's mind looking at his/her friends. Insha Allah you will be able to apply this skill while choosing friends or making relationships with someone. Therefore, I deserve some thanks!

Robert Willson said...

Very fascinating post, yea.

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