5 Great Cricketing Tips

Cricket is one of the most famous sports in the world. Many people starting from the children to adult, they make cricket as their hobby & profession also. But many of them fail to know some simple tips to be a better cricketer. Some minutes ago, I was talking to my friend (Wasique Hasan) who is very expert in cricket. He suggested me to write a post about this. That's why I'm sharing with you.....Hope you enjoy!!

5 Great Cricketing Tips
  1. At the primary age just practice with your friends only for fun (do not go for profession).
  2. Gradually be a little serious about the game specially about batting.
  3. While being serious you need to buy a ball with a seam and practice with the friends, this way the ball will turn and you will be able to play spinners.
  4. For playing pace bowlers you should start with a foam ball and gradually start playing with harder balls, this way you will get the control over the ball.
  5. And finally if you want cricket as a profession , you will have to get admitted to a cricket academy.
This is the way I have earned the expertise and I am sure you will also be able to be a good cricketer like me!! WOW!!


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