Why People Have Hobbies?

Hobby means one's favourite occupation but not one's living business. One does not depend on it for one's living. But it can yet give you many facilities which can give you much pleasure and money also! It produces pleases effects on body and mind. When the mind becomes engaged in any occupation, it works up to a limit. A man takes to a hobby to relieve his mind from monotony of his own business. Without a hobby, we cannot make our life enjoyable.

People Need Hobby

We know that naturally it seems that hobby is something which just only takes time and energy but in returns it doesnot give anyhing. But seeing my real life example, I see that Hobby is something which helps me to refresh my mind and working capability. And the most amazing thing is that it also earns me a healthy money! I guess you have understood what my hobby is...! Ok, I am telling you...My hobby is Blogging in Internet! Here do I give all my time and energy? No, never I do this. I just fix a time according to my everday's routine. If you are eager to know how the calculation is done by me, then you should see below.

We all know, 1 day=24 hours-Among it I am cutting 12 hours for just sleeping and doing some unproductive works. And among this 12 hours left for working, I keep 1 hour toilet only! Then 11 hours I have in my hand. Among it I stay in my office for 8 hours. Then I have 3 hours left. Now from this three hours I give 1:30 hours to my family for chatting & gossiping. And left 1:30 hour is kept for me for Blogging. But the most funny thing is that this 1 and half hour give me som much pleasure and so much recreation that I feel hatred for watching movies, sitting in Facebook for hours, chatting with Friends!

One of the greatest example of my Blogging Success is www.EpubD.com
One of the greatest example of my Blogging Failure is www.Article-Basket.com

It is quite natural that you are feeling bored reading about my hobbies. Now I suggest you to go to our SiteMap and read a post according to your taste! But I can suggest you some:

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These are some of the posts I have written for you as I think that Hobby is very important for anyone lies on Earth. For better management of thi blog, I have created pages as sections of the posts. It is better to Bookmark this blog now as you will be able to read later on..!


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